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Scholarships are awarded to students to foster academic excellence, to develop talents, and to recognize leadership, community involvement, and outstanding achievement. Scholarships are also awarded to students who have overcome significant challenges to obtain an education and to provide financial support to students for academic related activities, such as conference attendance and study abroad. All students, regardless of nationality, citizenship, residency status, area of study, or grade point average are encouraged to apply for as many scholarships as possible. The following are scholarships available to CCS majors:

  • Cesar Chavez Memorial Scholarship
  • Clara de Escudero Scholarship
  • Dolores Huerta Scholarship
  • Gracia Molina Enriquez de Pick Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Gracia Molina Enriquez de Pick Endowed Graduate Scholarship
  • Letty Zanchez Memorial Scholarship

For more information, please visit the Financial Aid and Scholarships website.

Other scholarships

You may be eligible for other, more general scholarships available either through the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at SDSU or from external sponsors. Check the SDSU scholarships website for opportunities.

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