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Visiting Scholar Program

The CCS Department has established its U.S.-Mexico Borderlands Visiting Scholar Program. This program offers visitors the possibility to spend time at SDSU for a period of two to 12 months. The purpose of the program is to contribute to the intellectual life of CCS by making possible an exchange of ideas between the visiting scholar(s) and the resident faculty and students. The program particularly welcomes scholars whose research proposals deal with topics related to Chicanas(os)/Mexicanas(os)/Latinas(os) and their communities in the U.S.-Mexican borderlands. The CCS visiting program is especially interested in transnational or transborder processes and issues.

This program contemplates three categories of visitors under the existing program:

  1. Ph.D. with a solid research experience;
  2. graduate students with research thesis and/or dissertation proposals; and
  3. practitioners in process of elaborating a final product that requires academic research.

Participation is limited to two visitors per semester. There is no application deadline. Accepted visitors will have the department’s support by way of shared office space, an SDSU identification card, and access to the library/media center. Visitors will also have the opportunity to present their research to CCS and SDSU faculty and students.

The application process requires that the interested person send the CCS chair:

  1. a letter of interest that specifies why he/she is interested in CCS and how his/her research project is related to the CCS program (include under which category from above you are applying);
  2. a full CV; and
  3. a detailed research proposal.

As is expected in academia, each proposal must have a title, statement of the problem or thesis statement, background or context of study, literature review and theoretical framework, research objectives, research questions and/or hypotheses, methodology, significance of the research study, timetable, product(s) expected, references or bibliography, and the phase or part of the research proposal that will be developed during the CCS visit and how the research proposal is pertinent or linked with the work agenda of CCS.