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Palomar Moutain.

Cuca Rancho
(root used for substitute coffee)

2,174.25 acres granted to María Juana de Los Angles in 1845.

City of Vista.

Buena Vista Rancho

1,184 acres granted to Felípe, an Indian, in 1845.

East of Mission San Luis Rey.

Cuajome Rancho (home of the frog)

2,219.41 acres granted to Andrés and José Manuel, two Luiseño Indians in 1845.

City of Encinitas.

Las Encinitas Rancho
(little live oaks)

1 sq. league or 4,431.03 acres granted in 1842 to Andrés Ybarra.

City of San Marcos..

Los Vallecitos de San Marcos Rancho

8,877.49 acres granted to JoséMaría Alvarado in 1840.

Near Carlsbad.

Agua Hedionda Rancho
(stinking water)

13,331.01 acres grant in 1842 to Juan María Marrón.

Fallbrook area.

Monserate Rancho

13,322.90 granted to Ysidro María Alvarado in 1846.

Near Palomar Mountain State Park.

Pauma Rancho (bring water)

3 sq. leagues or 13,309.60 acres granted to José Antonio Serrano in 1844.

San Marcos.

El Rincon del Diablo Rancho

12,653.77 acres, 3 sq. leagues, granted to Juan Bautista Alvarado in 1843.

East of Julian.

San Felipe Rancho

9,972.08 acres granted in 1846 to Felipe Castillo, an Indian.

Near Escondido.

Rancho Guejito y Canada de Palomia
(small gravel or pebbles)

3 sq. leagues or 13,298.59 acres granted to JoséMaria Orozco in 1845.

Near Julian.

Santa Ysabel Rancho

4 sq. leagues or 17,719.40 acres granted to José Joaquín Ortega and his son-in-law Edward Stokes in 1844.

Part of present-day Camp Pendelton.

Rancho San Onofre y Margarita

89,742 acres was granted to Andres and Pío Pico 1841. Their lands conjoined with Las Flores Rancho which they had acquired from the Indians.

Present day Warner Ranch

San José Del Valle and Valle de San José Rancho (aka Warner Ranch)

26,688.93 acres and 17,634.06 acres granted to Silvestre de la Portilla in 1836 who abandoned the land by 1840 when José Antonio Pico received a portion of the rancho but later abandoned it. Juan José Warner was granted the whole area in 1844.

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