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East San Diego near Flinn Springs.

La Cañada de los Coches
(glen of the hogs)

23.39 acres granted to Apolinaria Lorenzana in 1843.

Coronado and North Island.

Peninsula de San Diego

4,185.46 acres granted to Pedro C. Carrillo in 1846.

Adjoining Otay Lakes.

Janal Rancho (spongy ground)

4,436 acres adjoining Otay Rancho granted to José Antonio Estudillo (a former Indian rancher) in 1829.

Present day Otay Mesa.

Otay Rancho
(brushy, place of reeds)

6,657.98 acres granted to Doña Magdalena Estudillo 1829 and regranted to Pío Pico in 1846.

Near Jamul, Dulzura.

Jamul Rancho (slimy water)

8,926.22 acres. Granted to Pío Pico in 1829 and run by Andrés Pico 1836-38. Purchased by Maria Amparo Ruiz de Burton and inherited by her daughter Nellie Burton de Pedrorena.

Sweetwater Valley.

Jamacha Rancho
(wild squash vine)

8881.16 acres granted to Doña Apolinaria Lorenzana in 1840. Lorenzana also was a grantee of Rancho Cañada de los Coches.

North County, San Diego.

Los Peñasquitos (small cliffs)

8486.01 acres granted to Capt. Francisco María Ruiz, the presdio commander at SD in 1823. He gave the rancho to Francisco María Alvarado in 1837 as compensation for taking care of him in his advanced age.

National City.

Rancho de la Nación

26,631 acres granted in 1845 to John Forster ( Don Juan Forster) who had married Isadora Pico, sister of Andres and Pío.

Near Julian.

San Dieguito Rancho
(St. James of La Marca)

2 sq. leagues. 8,824.71 acres granted to the Silva family and then taken possession by Juan María Osuna in 1836.

Present day Ramona, the Santa Maria Valley.

Santa María Rancho

4 square leagues. 17,708.85 acres granted provisionally to Narciso Botello in 1833 and, because Botello failed to fulfill the requirements, re-granted to José Joaquín Ortega in 1843.

Rancho Bernardo.

San Bernardo Rancho

4 sq. leagues or 17,763.07 acres granted to Capt. Joséph F. Snook in 1842 and another portion in 1845. Snook had the name José Francisco and married the daughter of Juan Bautista Alvarado of San Diego.

Near Lakeside.

Cañada de San Vicente

3 sq leagues 13,316.13 acres granted in 1845 to Juan López.

Near Julian.

Cuyamaca Rancho (rain above)

35,501.32 acres granted to Augustín Olvera in 1845. It was not confirmed by the Court.

Ex-Mission Rancho de San Diego de Alcala

58,875.38 acres granted to Santiago Arguello in 1845.

City of El Cajon.

El Cajon Rancho

48,799.85 acres or 11 sq. leagues granted to Doña María Antonia wife of Miguel de Pedrorena in 1845.

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